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Short circuit Protection (SteppIR driver board)

The driver chips on the control board of the SteppIR  (L6219DS) do have some short circuit protection. But that only works for a short circuit between one of the four driver wires and not when one of the driver wires shorts to ground. There is a chance that such a short against ground occurs when the control cabel chafes through in the wind and one of the wires inadvertently connects with the outer shield. I had that happen - years ago - and had to replace the driver board.

To prevent this from happening again I isolated the shield of the control cable from the rest of the system by connecting the shield to the case with a little protection board in series. This connection board had a couple of 470pf 2KV capacitors, two 5K resistors in parellel and a lightning arrestor.


This way there is a good path to bleed off any RF or static on the shield but in case of a short there will not be any damage. (I hope).