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Dutch or English

That is the question and one is certainly not nobler in the mind than the other. But it is a bit outrageous when a large majority of the visitors to our web site are from the Netherlands and or Belgium to have a site largely in English.  So we will not burden our lowland visitors with the slings and arrows of a foreign language but take up Dutch as the major language.



Some comments in English

We are not going to keep a blog in two languages and translate everything we wrote in english into dutch and the other way round.

If we feel like it we write in one language or the other. The reality is that most visitors on our web site come from the Netherlands and Belgium. Only the amateur radio related items attract visitors from all over the place, so for these items we'll use english.

And under this menu item we hope to vent our spleen about things of which we think that they are of "world interest"..... (ha ha ha).

Just check this page out once in a while. You might even agree with what we have written or have a good chuckle, or may feel you have to react as what I have written is utter nonsense...

The most important thing is to keep busy and alive.


"How dull it is to pause, to make an end,

To rust unburnish'd , not to shine in use!

Ulysses - Alfred Lord Tennyson