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July 2009

More and more time is spent on photography and so I was looking at an easier way to get phot's on the web site easily. That developed into a whole new content management system which now runs under the sub-domain blog.tobbe.net.au . Main language for this part of our web site is Dutch. There are some - may be interesting - observations in English as well...

Gradually this new system is going to replace the current web site - with the exception of the "weather section".


25 August 2008

After some time of inactivity we changed some pages in the "weather" section of our site. We found a graphics package on the web that enables us to convert csv-files into line and bar graphs. With some coding we managed to make our archive of monthly csv files - as generated by the FreeWX software accessible and are now able to generate min/max temperature and rainful graphs "on demand".


23 March 2008

The tests with the Zoom Search Engine were successful and we have incorperated the search facility in the menu. Now it shows on every page. It took some tinkering with the search module template to get the right appearance and we also adapted the "previous" routine linked to the buttons at the top just in case someone wants to go back to the page where the search originated from. Just a nice excersie in PHP coding.


11 March 2008

We are trying out various Search Engines for this web site. Have a look at the "About" page to see for yourself.


10 March 2008

We were away on holiday to New Zealand (beautiful country!!!) and were unable to access internet sufficiently to repair all the damage that our server-provider caused by "restoring" our web site to a version of November last year.

I think we now have things up and running as they should be. Please report any broken links and other errors you may encounter.


12 February 2008

On top of the hackers something burnt out at the data center.... Now we are on temporary servers elsewhere that do not have full functionality, although everything on this site seems to be working OK.


5 February 2008.

There was a major attack by hackers on the webserver, causing a drop out of service and other errors because the backup the server people had was over a month old...!

But this morning I was able to restore all data and pages from my own back ups.


31 January 2008.

Finally some users reported a bug in the "Send us a Message" page that prevented sending the message. I must have deleted the "hidden" input line with the spam block ID.

It was also a good opportunity to start this new page with News and Updates.


24 January 2008

On the main page for VK2GWK I inserted a notice when I am on the air. From the shack I can easily send a brief message to the server that will display on this page and tell what band, mode and frequency I am operating on.


14 January 2008

We finally finished the new web site but expect there to be some bugs.

I have given in to the trend.... Now we have a BLOG under a seperate sub_domain on our web site.

No more news and comments on these pages - that is the "static" info only.

In our blog we - Agnes and myself - will comment on news and events - sometimes in dutch and sometimes in english.

Some items that were on this page have been moved.


Have a look at the blog if you like.


Gradually we will fill this page with news and items that interest us. Sometimes with a link to external web sites or another page within this domain.


I am not much of a blogger, but this will be a "sort of...


Late 2008

I bought myself a new camera body: the Canon EOS 50D. Great camera! Higher resolution, better exposure management. A bit bigger and heavier but that is all in the game....


2 November 2008

Just back from Europe (Netherlands) and reading the Yahoo reflector for the Yaesu FT-2000. Some people want to start a class action over "defective" roofing filters. I can't find anything wrong with them but there are always perfectionists that think they know better...

Just to warn them off (I used to be a lawyer....and had this picture in my office. HI) this picture:


Fighting over a cow makes you pay twice now....

(click on the image to see a larger version)


Fighting over a cow makes you pay twice now.....



21 June 2008

Today I added a RSS feed with Propagation information to the collection. We'll try it out first on this page and if it works OK then it'll get its own linked page.

Try it out here!


20 May 2008

Been busy getting to grips with Flash. Pretty tough stuff! But we got our first flash movies going. If you are interested: have a look:

  • some cruise impressions
  • zoom in on our home

    20 February 2008

    The Maidenhead locator module (incl. bearing calculation) is working. I made a new locator page in the ham section where you can try it out.


    18 February 2008

    On the Dutch Ham forum there was a discussion about PHP modules for calculating the distance between two Maidenhead locator points. PA3TON and PA0WV published some snippets. But they still had some errors. I think I got something that is working. Shortly this will be added to the search log facility on this web site. The source file is available in my Junkbox.

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